Zoya PixieDust Collection Swatches

by Kia C

zoya pixiedust collection

Infused with magic and wonder! The latest “must-have” nail polish finish – textured, matte and sparkling! This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this enchanting look.

Dahlia- black and grey

zoya pixiedust dahila

Chyna- dark red

zoya pixiedust chyna

Godiva- nude

zoya pixiedust godiva

Vespa- mint

zoya pixiedust vespa

Nyx- periwinkle

zoya pixiedust nyx

London- fog grey

zoya pixiedust london

zoya pixiedust collection swatches

 Dahlia, Chyna, Godiva, Vespa, Nyx, London

zoya pixiedust swatches 1

zoya pixiedust swatches 2

zoya pixiedust swatches 3

zoya pixiedust swatches 4

zoya pixiedust swatches 5

zoya pixiedust swatches 6

zoya pixiedust swatches 7

zoya pixiedust swatches 8

So I was amped for this collection when I heard about months ago. I look forward to special effects collection with any brand, something different than your regular polish. So this unique collection features 6 matte polishes with starlike sparkle.

Since this isn’t your average polish you apply it differently. Zoya recommends applying 1-3 coats and do NOT use a base or top coat. I applied 3-4 layers. You MUST wait until each layer FULLY dries before applying another one. You’ll know it’s fully dry when the color lightens and turns matte.

So since it’s a textured polish don’t expect it to be smooth. It’s feels slightly grainy but looks smooth to the naked eye. I took a shower a couple hours after I applied and I did get chipping so I reapplied before bed so they could really set and they lasted 3-4 days. And yes they are a pain to remove, like glitter polishes, I soaked them in remover and chipped them off.

You can apply them on top of each other and on top of a regular polish so you can get creative if that’s your thing. If you do run into problems with chipping, want your mani to last longer  or want to smooth it out you can apply a top coat but they won’t be matte anymore.

Price: $9

Availability: Zoya.com

Company Links: Website/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram


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Joanna Feb 27, 2013 - 12:49 PM

I am honestly not a fan of glitter nail polish but there are a must have. They’re so gorgeous!


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