What’s In My Purse? And What Should Be In Yours

by Kia C

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What's In My Purse? What Should Be In Yours

Ok listen, I am one of those hoarders. *wall slides* I love oversized bags and those are really all I wear so admittedly I stuff it with a whole bunch of things I might need and things other people might need too just to make the bag full and not deflated. So I throw my iPad, headphones, selfie stick (I see you judging), like 5 lipsticks, 8 McDonald napkins and whatever the hell else. It’s like I’m the black Mary Poppins. So I never did one of those popular “What’s In My Bag” posts because my bag is pretty much ridiculous and unnecessary. But this post is kind of a remix to that, I’m only going to show you the things that are in my bag that SHOULD be in yours. Sort of like Purse Essentials, these are the things I find myself grabbing for all the time.


chapstick hydration lock

Winter is not kind to my lips at all. My lips get extremely dry and I get dark spots on them that lasts pretty much all Winter. I use lip balm all day long, even under my lipstick. I came across ChapStick Hydration Lock 24 Hour Care and I’m in love. It’s a dual-sided tube that has a Day side with SPF 12 and a Night side with lip replenishing ingredients. This is a must have.

Hand Creme

nivea creme

OMG OMG this is thee best hand lotion on the market. It’s super thick, moisturizing and smells fresh. This is the one I carry in my bag; there’s a half-dollar tin sized one in my nail kit and I use to take swatches and it’s a big tin for body. I swear by this creme.

Makeup Wipes

simple cleaning wipes

I always carry makeup wipes with me and I end up using them for different reasons. Here’s my little clean up trick, I pour some of the hand sanitizer that’s on my key chain on the wipe and use that to clean up messes. I use it for food and drink spills, to clean up Gigi if she’s made a mess or to wipe off the bottom of my shoes before I get in the car in case I stepped in mud or snow.


advil vial-2

This vial has saved me countless times. Those sudden menstrual cramps don’t stand I chance against a couple of these. Use Advil tablets for headaches, minor arthritis and other joint pain, muscle aches and pains of the common cold… Advil has me covered.


Emergen C Immune Chewables

You know how you’re supposed to change your skin care and makeup during the winter months? Well you’re supposed to change what’s in your purse too. I get colds very easily so I take these Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables. My brother plays high school football and sometimes the weather is brutal. I always make sure pop one or two of these for a boost of Immune support. Check out all the #BeHealthyForEveryPartOfLife products right -> here <-


purse essentials

centrum vitamints

TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! My doctors have been telling me to take daily vitamins for years now and I finally started doing it a few months ago. Soon after I stared noticing my nails are longer/stronger and my hair is growing faster. I’m pretty sure some amazing things are happening inside my body too. These Centrum Vitamints make taking them fun. They are a vitamin with a minty taste! So when you’re walking past that Hottie McBody pop one of these in your mouth. Who doesn’t love a fresh breath health conscious girl? No chalky taste, just cool mint flavor.

Skin Care On The Go

ponds skincare to go

I’m always forgetting a skincare step, it never fails. I picked this up in the travel section of Walmart, it’s a mini dark spot treatment. I pop some on, on my way home at the red light. Is that legal? Like “excuse me Mr. Officer, do you want me to have premature wrinkles?!.” I love the little jar so I reuse it, refill fill it with SPF or your favorite skin care.


s'well bottle

You might have seen a few pictures of these on my instagram. S’well bottles are everything. They keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. The cute bottles also make me actually want to drink water. They come in 3 sizes, even a 9 oz one for the kids.

Stain Remover

tide to go

I am messy and my boobs catch everything that falls from my mouth. This little stain removal pen helps me get out stains on the go. Life saver!

Per usual you can find all of these items at your local Walmart. Most are in the travel section that I love so much!


Well there you have it, my purse essentials and what should be yours. Did I miss something? Is it something else I absolutely need to be carrying?!


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