The New Wet N Wild Polish Line- Is It Worth It?

by Kia C

Press Sample

Wet N Wild just released a new line of polishes called WonderGel. It features 18 shades and claims to be the first gel formula that doesn’t require a top coat or curing with a lamp. It’s also supposed to provide 2 weeks of color. Let’s get to it.

wet n wild wondergel

All That Jazzy

wet n wild all that jazzy

wet n wild all that jazzy-2

A metallic light gold. I used 2-3 coats because it’s a little sheer. Not a fan of metallic shades so it’s not my cup of tea worn alone but I love using it in nail art.

Stay Classy

wet n wild stay classy

wet n wild stay classy-2

Stay Classy is your typical mauve. I love it with All That Jazzy. I used 2 coats.

Cyantific Method

wet n wild cyantific method

wet n wild cyantific method-2

You know I love my bright colors. What a perfect blue. I used 2 coats.

wet n wild wonder gel line

I found the whole line in Rite Aid for $5 each and they have limited $1 coupons on the display also.

Ok. These shades might look nice but I have some issues with the line. My main problems is the drying time. They take a long time to completely dry, close to 20 minutes. I for one don’t have that kind of time. I got more than a few dings while impatiently waiting. One of my instagram followers bought almost every shade and she returned them because of this. Now when I put a top coat on them, they dried fast but that goes against the point of a 1 step formula.

I prefer the WnW megalast line. I love the brush and the formula of that. I probably won’t be reaching for these too much. Now I can’t comment on the 2 weeks claim. I’m constantly switching polishes but I will try this on my mother and see how long they last on her. I’ll update with those results later. But considering all the other drugstore and mid-end gel lines don’t last as long as they claim I won’t hold my breath.


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