Sleep Better with ZzzQuil Plug-in Scented Sleep Aid

by Kia C

ZzzQuil Plug-in Scented Sleep Aid

Press Sample

I have insomnia. I’m up until 3 or 5 AM every night. So when I got the pitch for this I said “why not, it can’t hurt.”

ZzzQuil Plug-in Scented Sleep Aid-2

At first I thought it was like those Wall Flowers from Bath and Body Works but not quite. Before you plug it in you pop in one or two ZzzPads and adjust level of the scent. At the highest setting the Zzzpads last 8 hours. Water diffusers last about 3-5 hours on average so this has one up on those. Plug it into an outlet near your bed and within a few minutes the heat activated Zzzpads start releasing a Lavender & Chamomile scent. It is strong too! I had it on a medium setting and it filled the entire room up in minutes. The Lavender & Chamomile scent help creates a soothing sleep environment.

ZzzQuil Plug-in Scented Sleep Aid-3

I’ll be honest, focusing on the scent did help me fall asleep. The only problem I have is that they aren’t long-lasting enough for me. The starter pack (around $17) includes 12 ZzzPads for 12 nights. The refill packs ($10) come with 12 more Zzzpads. So you’ll need to buy 2-3 packs a month if you want to use it nightly. I wish the refill packs came with a months supply with an affordable price. I know $20-30 a month on ZzzPads isn’t in my budget.

If you’ve been in the market for a diffuser the ZzzQuil Plug-in Scented Sleep Aid is an alternative. It lasts longer but its way more expensive in the long run.

You can pick up the ZzzQuil Plug-In at and drugstores.


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