Shea Moisture Cosmetics Swatches

by Kia C

shea moisture cosmetics

Press Sample

Shea Moisture released their very own cosmetics collection this year to go along with their already fantastic skin care and hair care collection.

shea moisture cosmetics-2

Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Pan- $4.99

shea moisture cosmetics elsa casandra deysi

shea moisture cosmetics elsa casandra deysi-2

Casandra, Elsa, Deysi
shea moisture cosmetics elsa casandra deysi-3

These are some high quality shadows for just $4.99. They are amazingly pigmented, soft and smooth. The shadows only come in pan form so you can make your own palette. They sell a large and small magnetic palette separately.

Lip Stain ($10.99) & Lip Gloss ($9.99)

shea moisture cosmetics serverina jenny
Serverina, Jenny
shea moisture cosmetics serverina jenny-2

I was pleasantly surprised to see lip stains in this collection. Having a stained pout is so cute to me. It’s long-lasting too.

As far as the lip gloss goes, I just wish the brush was different.The brush is thin and stiff, feels like I’m poking my lips. The color pretty and would good on all skin tones.

The Shea Moisture Cosmetics collection is rather large and sold exclusively at Target. Check out the collection at Target online and in stores.


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