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by Kia C

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So happy that drugstores are taking a stand against smoking. While you may have heard CVS stopped selling tobacco products this month, Rite Aid has launched a new program to help customers kick the habit. You can probably expect Walgreens to jump on the boat as well.

More about Rite Aid Launches Free ‘Quit for You’ Smoking Cessation Program

Those who smoke and want to quit can now turn to Rite Aid for additional support, resources and savings thanks to the launch of “Quit for You,” the company’s comprehensive new smoking cessation program.
Launched Aug. 31, the free “Quit for You” program centers around the counseling skills and expertise of Rite Aid’s nearly 11,000 pharmacists, who have completed special training to deliver an even higher level of smoking cessation support through one-on-one consultations.
Customers begin the program by completing a brief one-page questionnaire that asks about smoking frequency, previous quit attempts and the customer’s mindset as they prepare to quit. Customers then have an initial consultation with their Rite Aid pharmacist, who uses the questionnaire and first counseling session to discuss the comprehensive Customer Starter Kit and create a personalized quit plan for the patient.
In addition to scheduling follow-up pharmacist consultations, customers can receive ongoing encouragement and motivation by visiting riteaid.com/quit.
And thanks to a tie-in with Rite Aid’s wellness+ customer loyalty program, “Quit for You” also offers significant rewards and savings on smoking cessation items like nicotine replacement therapy.
This includes double wellness+ points for each non-prescription nicotine replacement therapy purchase and the opportunity to become a gold wellness+ member after six nicotine replacement therapy purchases, even if the customer has not yet reached 1,000 points — which means 20 percent off almost everything in the store for an entire year.

Another important component of “Quit for You” is that the program’s promotional and support materials are designed to emphasize the positive benefits of quitting rather than the negative health effects of smoking.
“The messages behind ‘Quit for You’ are meant to be positive and inspirational, an approach that we believe could be more helpful to smokers as they begin and continue their journey to quit,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish.
The program’s theme is “What will you do now that you don’t?” and promotional materials highlight positive outcomes such as “age beautifully,” “keep up with my grandkids” and “spend the money on a vacation.”
It’s all part of a significant effort by Rite Aid to further demonstrate its commitment to actively working with customers to keep them well and to offer additional support to the more than 40 million Americans who smoke, many of whom want to quit.
“At Rite Aid, we want all of our customers to feel that they can turn to us for support as they seek to live healthier lives,” said Group Vice President of Clinical Services and Pharmacy Initiatives Karen Staniforth. “For customers who want to quit smoking, helping them achieve this goal is one of the best ways we can empower them to improve their health. It’s also a great opportunity for our pharmacists to demonstrate the tremendous impact they can make on the health of our patients beyond filling prescriptions.”
In conjunction with the launch, Rite Aid has redesigned the area behind the front counter to expand the visibility of its smoking cessation program and add additional space for nicotine replacement therapy products while reducing the area where tobacco products are sold.


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