New Hair! Aquamarine Dream

by Kia C

Every summer I like to have bright and wild hair. Last summer was Red and this summer is a turquoise. Let’s get into what I used to create this gorgeous color.

adore aquamarine and emerald

I was buying all my hair dye from Sally’s but despite trying different brands they have been more miss than hit. I originally dyed this hair blonde when I first got.

maybelline orchid ecstasy

I couldn’t get used to the color and I felt self-conscious so I went and tried to dye it dark blue. I used Age Beautiful from Sally’s and honey my hair came out straight black. To make matters worse the color didn’t last at all and by the third wash my hair was an ugly brown/grey with a little green. I was over it so I just started wearing some other hair.

one n only colorfix-2

one n only colorfix-3

I talked to a hair stylist friend of mine who uses really bright colors. I thought she was using some super great brand only professionals could get their hands on but she said she uses Adore. If you’re unfamiliar with Adore, it’s a brand of like 30 shades or so (mostly brights) and it’s sold at a lot of beauty supply stores. I wanted to test it so I grabbed my failed blonde wig and went to sally’s to pick up something to strip the color. I bought One N Only ColorFix. (and I got this super cute beach tote for free!) It was easy to use and didn’t damage the hair any further. It didn’t strip the hair back to light blonde but it got light enough.

one n only colorfix

All done. So now it’s dye time! Adore directions says to use it on towel dried hair but my stylist friend said she uses it on dry hair. I originally bought 5 bottles, 4 Aquamarine and 1 Emerald. I got the emerald to mix in because I doubted it could get my back light blonde so I thought the Emerald would make sure the color was bright enough. You’re only supposed to leave it on for 15 minutes but some award show was on TV and I left it on for like 3 hours. Oops. Then after like 20 minutes of rinsing the color out with cold water, 30 minutes of deep conditioning and a good blow-dry I got this!

aqua hair-7

aqua hair-8

I can’t be any happier with the results, I really love this color on me. The Adore dye was a huge success and I’ll be using it exclusively from now on. I only used three 4oz bottles of the Aquamarine and 3/4 of the Emerald. Usually with any hair dye from Sally’s I have to use 4-6 boxes of 4oz color PLUS developer to saturate my hair. Adore spreads AMAZINGLY, it only took about 10 minutes to apply it to the hair. And not to mention it’s only $4 per bottle (price might depends on stores) when I was paying $6-8 per box at Sally’s. So Adore is more affordable and works better.

aqua hair-4

aqua hair-3

aqua hair-2

Well that’s it for today. I hope you like the color and I guess I can give you a sneak peek on my next color. I’ll be ordering more hair and dyeing it in the next few weeks. I was playing in photoshop to try to decide on what it should be and I fell in love with steel grey! I’ll be using Adore Platinum for this, hope it turns out right.

aqua hair-6



jasmyne varnado Mar 18, 2016 - 7:21 PM

Thats beautiful i want my hair that exact color i wish you sold wigs i will be glad to buy it

Annie Aug 13, 2015 - 10:26 AM

Glad to see you’re using one ‘n only products. You’re right on trend with the fashion colors! Have you tried the new vibrant Perfect Intensity colors by one ‘n only? Also found in Sally Beauty. You should try Electric Teal, Aqua, Emerald Green…


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