A Smart Watch For Your Neck?

by Kia C

These days wearable technology doesn’t intrigue me. It seems like something new is popping up everyday and most of the time inferior to the popular big name brands. But when I saw Miragii, I did that little head tilt, you know like your dog does? I mean how could a necklace be a like a Smart Watch? So I delved deeper and was all kinds of intrigued.

The Miragii is the world’s first smart necklace to display texts and calls onto your hand, peeked your interest right? Yeah I did.


What do you mean it displays your calls and texts on your hand, Kia????? Glad you asked. The Miragii has a built in micro protector that displays on your hand when you hold it up to the pendant. Isn’t that something? I’m sure the projection has a short range, so don’t be worried your personal business will be displayed on the nearest wall or something. Get a call you want to ignore just wave your hand in front of the Miragii to ignore it. If you want to answer the call just pull out the included Bluetooth earpiece that syncs with your smartphone in back of the necklace.


Of course you have to charge up the necklace in order for it to work. Mirage also keeps the Bluetooth earpiece charged up as well. I wish I knew how long the battery lasts.


Here’s the differences between models.


Yes, Miragii comes with a hefty price tag. If you see yourself using it everyday then it’s definitely worth the price. Miragii is currently being backed on Kickstarter with a December 2015 delivery date and a cheaper price.

Miragii comes in many classy, high-end designs and colors. Choose from Zirconia ceramic or 18k gold and silver. Wearable options include a standard black cord or silver or gold chain. Check out the Miragii website for more info.



See how the Miragii works below!


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