Milani Bella Blue Collection

by Kia C

milani bella blue

This limited edition Milani Bella Blue Collection was released about 4-6 weeks ago. I was sent this collection but I still have not seen it in stores. I do know many people who found them in stores but personally no luck for me.

milani bella blue collection

milani bella blue mascaras
Bella Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Azure
milani bella blue mascaras open

Bella Blue

milani bella blue lipstick

milani bella blue lipstick open

milani bella blue lipstick and mascara

Milani Bella Blue lipstick alone and Bella Blue mascara

milani bella blue mascara

Bella Blue mascara

milani mediterranean blue mascara

Milani Mediterranean Blue mascara and Bella Blue over a maroon lip liner

milani mediterranean blue mascara close

Milani Mediterranean Blue mascara

milani azure mascara

Milani Azure mascara and Bella Blue over a maroon lip liner

milani azure mascara close

Milani Azure mascara

The mascaras are really the stars of the collection. They are incredibly pigmented and too bomb. I have black lashes and I didn’t use a primer or anything. And once they are on, THEY’RE ON. I walked around the house, took a nap and when I woke up they were still on. These will last all day long.

The lipstick was a disappoint. It’s a frost so that pretty much ruined it for me and it also doesn’t apply evenly. It’s not exactly greasy but it does have a slip. I’m happy Milani tried an out of the box color but the formula needs work.

*I’ll update with a swatch of the polish later this week.*

The collection was available online but it quickly sold out. The mascaras are worth calling around for.


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