MAC Matte Lip Collection Swatches

by Kia C

mac matte lip collection swatches-2

The MAC Matte Lip Collection dropped last week. Surprisingly (like I’m seriously in disbelief) nothing is sold out yet. They are all limited edition.

mac matte lip collection

Fashion Revival, Nouvelle Vogue, Pander Me, Styled in Sepia

mac matte lip collection-2

mac matte lip collection swatches

Fashion Revival- Deep Raspberry (comparable to Rebel)

mac Fashion Revival lipstick

mac Fashion Revival

Nouvelle Vogue- Soft blue pink

mac Nouvelle Vogue lipstick

mac Nouvelle Vogue

Pander Me- Peachy Mocha (love)

mac pander me lipstick

mac pander me

Styled in Sepia- Dirty Cement Beige

mac Styled in Sepia lipstick

mac Styled in Sepia

This is the first collection from MAC that I have stalked in a looooonnnnngggg time. I stayed up all night to get it. I love matte lipstick, they’re my favorite finish. All of them are actually closer to a true matte finish than the last few bunches of MAC’s matte lipsticks. They still have a little bit of satin to them though but I’ll take it. They were all opaque and easy to apply; lasted a full workday.

My two favorites are probably Pander Me and Styled in Sepia but probably because I’m on a neutral kick. They would all look good on most skin tones except Nouvelle Vogue, it’s not dark girl friendly.

You can pick up this collection in stores and online at There are a total of 10 lipsticks ($16 each) with matching lip pencils and blushes.



Courtney Jan 17, 2015 - 12:15 PM

I’ve been desperately searching for styled in sepia but I can’t seem to find it anywhere 🙁 has it been discontinued?

Kia C Jan 21, 2015 - 12:08 AM

it wasn’t discontinued, it was a limited edition product. You can try call MAC’s gone but not forgotten program to see if they can track it down. 1-800-216-7173


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