MAC Archie’s Girls Haul

by Kia C

mac archie haul

Talk about a stressful release. The anticipation for this collection was at an all time high. MAC heads went without sleep for days, just sitting and refreshing the site over and over and over. A lot of items are sold out online but there’s still hope! It has not been released in stores yet so if you want anything go run to the store on February 7th.

mac archie girls unbox

mac archie girls open

mac archie pigments


Magic Spells

mac archie magic spells

mac archie magic spells open


Lucky In Love

mac archie lucky in love

mac archie lucky in love open


Black Poodle

mac archie black poodle

mac archie black poodle open

mac archie pigments swatch

Lucky in Love, Magic Spells, Black Poodle

mac archie pigments swatch flash

So if you didn’t know, I am obsessed with pigments and since MAC doesn’t release them often I normally grab them whenever they’re released. Four of them released from Archie, 2 from Betty and 2 from Veronica. I passed on the second one from Betty because it was just too frosty. Magic Spells and Black Poodle are my fav but they are very similar to the eyeshadow duos from Venomous Villains collection.

Blush- $22

Prom Princess

mac archie prom princess

mac archie prom princess swatch

Prom Princess is a pretty violet pink. It’s very pigmented and smooth. Not a must have but it’s pretty.

Lipsticks- $16.50

mac archie lipsticks


Ronnie Red

mac archie ronnie red


Betty Bright

mac archie betty bright

mac archie lipsticks swatches

mac archie ronnie red lip swatch

mac archie betty bright lip swatch


Most of the lipsticks are sold out on the site. They are the best things in the collection. If you are a red lover then please grab Ronnie Red. Betty Bright is my favorite one. It’s like a mix between Viva Glam Nicki 1 and Watch Me Simmer from Shop MAC Cook MAC.

mac archie girls look


Upon seeing further swatches I’ll be going to the store on thursday to grab 2 more lipsticks and try the lip glasses. Stay tuned for Archie’s Girls part 2!



Frances Feb 10, 2013 - 10:42 AM

Can’t wait til I get my hands on ronnie red. It’s gorgeous. This collection doesn’t hit the irish stores until the end of the month but I’ll be the first in there when it does! magic spells and betty bright are lovely too 🙂

Dazzlebeautie by Precious M Feb 8, 2013 - 5:08 AM

wow those veonica pigments look better than i thought. I absolutely love them… The lipsticks look so great too.


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