Luminess AirSupremacy Foundation- Is It Right For You?

by Kia C

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Months ago you might have seen me share a pic of these Luminess AirSupremacy Foundations on instagram. Many of you have been asking about it but I wanted to wait until Spring to share it. Keep reading to see why!

Luminess AirSupremacy

I’ve always wanted a Luminess Airbrush System but I couldn’t see myself using that machine for everyday makeup; you know pulling it out, filling it and cleaning it after. Plus it’s quite expensive and I know it would only be used for special occasions. So Luminess created the AirSupremacy Foundation ($29) in a 2 oz aerosol spray can. To use it Luminess recommends spraying it 6 inches from your face on each cheek and your forehead then blending out. Me being the person who I am I ignored all directions and just lightly (so I thought) sprayed it all over my face in a circle motion. Well when I opened my eyes I looked 60 and foundation was all in my hair. The good thing is that I didn’t have to take it off, I just used a wet beauty blender to get my life together.

So follow directions people.

The second time I tried it, it went much better. After lightly applying it use a Beauty Blender or this EcoTools foam applicator to spread it out and blend it out. It’s satin finish and it has no smell. It is buidable so if you have problem areas this will cover them up with the help of concealer. I also received one of their AirSupremacy Blushes, just spray on the apple of your cheeks and blend out. The blushes are very natural and you can build the color up.

Luminess AirSupremacy-4

The only issues that I have is that it wasn’t the timesaver I thought it would be. I spent the exact same time applying this than I do with all my other foundations. I also wish it was a dial on it to control the precision of the spray. It covers too much area for me and because of that I can’t use this to highlight or contour.

It is situational or well seasonal in my case. I hate wearing foundation when it’s hot out. This is great for my spontaneous spring/summer outings; just pull it out my bag, spray a little on a keep it moving. It won’t make me feel like I have makeup on. This would be a total help to me so it’ll be staying in my bag for those just in case moments.

Luminess AirSupremacy-2

With all that being said Luminess AirSupremacy Foundation is perfect for women on the go and those who only need light coverage. Stick the can in your bag along with the EcoTools brush and you can easily do your makeup in the car on your way to work. While it is buildable up to a medium coverage, you have to put more work into it and there’s nothing to make you want to use this over your other foundations. So light coverages girls, this is for you.

Luminess AirSupremacy Foundation comes in 12 shades and the line also has 3 Blushes, Bronzers, Body Coverage and more. I do have a discount code for all of Beauty In The Geek readers, use promo code 520570310 for 15% off!
If you have any questions or problems just let me know!


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