New Kid on the Block- iLight Pro Plus Quartz Permanent Hair Remover

by Kia C


We have a new permanent hair remover for at home use on the block.


The i-LIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to quickly, safely and cost effectively eliminate undesirable body hair. Professional laser hair removal requires multiple visits and can cost 1000s of dollars to permanently remove body hair.


The i-LIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz retails for just $399.99 and uses the same technology as dermatologists. In clinical testing, on average, participants had 66% fewer hairs 12 months after just three treatments similar to results observed from professional hair removal devices.


The i-LIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz is FDA-cleared for the body. It is an over-the-counter IPL device intended for women and men. Like other devices it’s equipped with a built-in integrated skin tone sensor designed to help prevent flashing on skin tones that are too dark for treatment. The iLight only works best on darker, thicker hair and lighter skin tones. Darker skin may absorb too much light energy, making it unsuitable for use with the i-LIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz. (So that sucks for us women of color)


Buy the i-LIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz here or For more information, visit:


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