Giving Hope With Soap: Suds Up With SoapBox

by Kia C


soapbox soaps

It’s kind of amazing and sad how there’s so many great products on shelves that you never see or look twice at. That’s why I like it when new-to-me brands reach out to me to try their products. And I love it when I end up loving the products.

SoapBox Soaps started in 2010 and their mission is to change the world while providing consumers with quality products. When you Buy One they Give One! For every product sold, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to a person in need. Soapbox Soaps (body washes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, conditioners) are Vegan, Paraben, EDTA, phthalate free, Cruelty free and Made in America.

I got to try the Body Wash, Bar Soap and Liquid Hand Soap in the Coconut scent. The scent was amazing! Smells like a wonderful blend of shea butter and coconut that lingers on.

Bar Soap- Has olive oil and sea salt in it. I tend to like Bar Soaps better because they last longer than body washes.

soapbox bar soap

Body Wash– I lathered up with this like 4 times. It just smells so good and tropical.

soapbox body wash

Liquid Hand Soap– I like this hand soap because it’s not drying. I wasn’t dying to moisturize after.

soapbox hand soap

What’s a Hope Code?

soapbox hope code

Just the coolest thing ever. Hope Codes are printed on the back of every SoapBox products and it allows you to track your impact and see where your purchase is making an impact at

My products are benefiting people in India with these two projects…

Sundara Project- Provides Bar Soap Donations
Children served: 4,000 per month, plus full-time employment for 3 women
City: Mumbai, Shilonda, Palghar, in the state of Maharashtra

Heels Project- Hygiene Education
Krishana Model Public School
Children served: 3,000+

SoapBox Soaps are now available at Rite Aid in two scents, Sea Minerals and Coconut.


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