Getting In My Comfort Zone With O.B.

by Kia C


I am a lazy minimalist. I am here for anything that makes my life easier and more affordable so I try it all. If you have a routine that works you great, but don’t get stuck in the same ways.

We go to the grocery store and buy the same food, go to that same bar friday night with friends, watch those same tv shows with our family, where is the variety? Oh and if you think I’m judging, I’m not. I too am guilty of all of that but I promised myself I try new things this year.


Studies show that women are now turning to blogs and word of mouth instead of magazines and media when it comes to purchases. O.B. isn’t the most popular brand for tampons but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best. They know their customers. A lot of o.b. Tampons wearers started using them because a friend lent them one. How many times has a friend or family member let you try something of theirs and you got hooked? Like half of the products I love came from a friend or follower recommending it to me. Trust your sisters and pay it forward.

Most of us have a period every month and as soon as we find a brand of pads or tampons with stick to it like glue. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I’ve been using a certain brand of pads for um 16 years? Straying to try something else like twice. And Tampons? Pfft forget about it. I tried tampons once when I was like 15 and that was it for me.


But I’m 30 now and as a woman you know that our bodies are constantly changing. And well it was time to change how I handle Aunt Flow. I love being a blogger because I often get these opportunities to try things I probably never would have tried before. A lot of times I end up really liking the product and then I get mad at myself for taking so long to use it.


Now let’s not pretend we’ve never seen this box before. While you may not have used O.B. in the past you know who they are. o.b. Tampons have a been around for a longgggggg time but these aren’t your Grannies feminine products. There’s no “one size fits all” in this box. O.B. knows that tampons are supposed to fit every woman as an individual. This tampon expands around you, fitting your very unique vagina (I call mine Lucille Bald). Using a technology called Fluid Lock, the grooves stop leaks in their tracks.


Tiny things can do a big job. Look at it. Awwww. Smaller than oneĀ of our lipsticks. No applicator needed. It creates less waste while being extremely discreet and compact.

How do I like them? Well it was definitely an adjustment coming from using pads exclusively for over a decade. I love the SilkTouch feature. It glides right it. That was my biggest problem when I tried tampons before, I felt like I had to force it in and it felt dry. The ease of use, comfort and how I can just kind of “set it and forget it” keeps me coming back. Don’t believe me? That hurts. But you can read the 100s of reviews from women right here and even get a coupon.


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