Faster Wash N Go’s with Goody Brushes

by Kia C

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You might be thinking, “Kia you wear weaves and wigs” and you’re right I do. But underneath those my hair is natural. I did a big chop almost 2 years ago and since then I’ve been wearing protective styles. It wasn’t until recently I decided to get to know my natural hair and experiment with different styles. One of the first styles we try to master is the Wash N Go and my new Goody Brushes are helping me do just that.

So in this post I’ll be showing you how I’ve been doing my Wash N Go’s and how these 3 Goody Brushes are making them easier and faster.


I’m pretty much in Walmart every week like the rest of us. I shop there for almost everything because they seem to have lower prices than everyone else and if not I get money back with their Savings Catcher in their app. I was picking up some new products/ hair accessories and saw the half aisle brushes and combs. In my store it was Goody Brush signs all that area so they won’t be hard to find.


I picked up these 3 brushes. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a bunch of brushes for natural hair, despite the growing amount of African American woman going natural. The first one I grabbed was the Goody TangleFix Brush. I have a similar one like it but the bristles on that one aren’t long enough for my liking. It has flexible but stiff bristles for serious detangling. I use this one the most and especially in the shower.

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My hair is unbelievably thick so detangling it takes a long time. I detangle 3 times during this Wash N Go process. Once during conditioning, once after putting on my leave-in and another after putting all my styling products in sections of my hair. I also use different brushes throughout.

So here we go!


wash n go

Take a moisturizing and slippery conditioner and use your Goody TangleFix Brush to detangle while in the shower. Hair is easier to detangle in sections working from the center of the tangle out. To best tackle really tough tangles, choose a brush with short, stiff bristles. It’s easier for us to detangle while our hair is wet but it’s most sensitive at that point so if you’re not detangling correctly it’ll rip your hair. That’s why the Goody TangleFix Brush is a must have for me.

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Section your hair and after applying your leave-in conditioner detangle it again with the Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion Brush. This brush is more for all-purpose but I got it for detangling and smoothing. The bristles are more flexible.

wash n go 3

Use your “praying hands” to smooth your hair over and over after applying a good curl creme AND a HEAVY amount your favorite styling gel.

wash n go 4

Use the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush to make sure all the products are worked through the roots to the tips and removing the excess. This is especially important for those with thick hair. It’s hard making sure all of my hair is saturated. The copper bristles massages your scalp and reduces buildup to restore moisture.

wash n go-6

And we are done! Depending on your hair type, length and how you section your hair this can take 15-45 minutes.

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I have low porosity hair so it takes my hair all day to dry. I did this before I went to bed and just wrapped a towel around my shoulders and slept carefully.

wash n go 7

Good morning!

wash n go 8

My hair is still not dry so I use a diffuser and stretch it while I blow-dry my roots.

wash n go 9

And voila! Over the day it will drop some and get some volume.

wash n go 10

wash n go 11

Check out all the Goody Brushes and learn more on their website!


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Giselle S. Mar 22, 2016 - 9:50 PM

your wash and go turned out great!


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