Essie Silk Watercolor Swatches

by Kia C

Bring in the sheers! Following the new trend of buildable sheer nail polishes Essie has released a new collection. The Essie Silk Watercolor Collection! 8 translucent shades with 1 white base is included. I got them a few weeks ago. The Collection will be available exclusively in salons July 2015.

essie silk watercolor collection

essie silk watercolor collection-2

essie silk watercolor collection-4

essie silk watercolor collection-5

essie silk watercolors swatches

White Page – Crispy white, 2 coats.

essie white page

essie white page-2

Muse, Myself – Amber and appears more bright yellow over white base, 2 coats.

essie Muse, Myself

essie Muse, Myself-2

essie muse myself comparisons

Art New-Beau – Tangerine but hot orange over white base, 2 coats.

essie Art New-Beau

essie Art New-Beau-2

Love Sheen – Rose but a little lighter over white base, 2 coats.

essie Love Sheen

essie Love Sheen-2

Blush Stroke – Very similar to Love Sheen but more raspberry. Looks the same over white base, 2 coats.

essie Blush Stroke

essie Blush Stroke-2

essie blush stroke comparisons

Highest Bidder – A magenta crimson that looks a little deeper over a white base, 2 coats.

essie Highest Bidder

essie Highest Bidder-3

No Shrinking Violet – Light violet but appears more purple over white base, 2 coats.

essie No Shrinking Violet

essie No Shrinking Violet-2

essie No Shrinking Violet comparisons

Point of Blue – Looks blue in the bottle but it’s more purple. Over a white base it looks periwinkle-ish, 2 coats.

essie Point Of Blue

essie Point Of Blue-2

Pen & Inky – Light teal and looks deeper over white base, 2 coats.

essie Pen & Inky

essie Pen & Inky-2

essie pen & inky comparisons

I really like the collection. The formula was the same across the board which is a rarity nowadays. If you want to wear these alone I suggest 2-3 coats each, the lighter colors are less opaque of course. Applying them over a white base makes them vibrant but you still need 2 coats over that. The only issue I have is that they take long to dry.

I know you want to know how they compare to the new OPI Color Paints. The Color Paints are more opaque and while I love that collection these are more nail design friendly. The OPI Sheer Tints released last summer are way thicker and translucent. The Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies also released last summer are more translucent and jellish.

I don’t think these will be in drugstores, seems like they are being promoted towards nail professionals thus being carried only in salons. The bottles retail for $8.99 each. I bought them from for cheaper.


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Barbara Jul 22, 2015 - 2:21 PM

I love your review! I was googling because I just saw these in my beauty supply store. I was pretty sure I needed them before but now I am SUREEEE. Thanks for this detailed review.


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