DIY Hair Care

by Kia C
apple cider vinegar

Lead Colorist Emily Thomas of Cutler Salon South Beach, raids your pantry and unveils the best organic secrets for at-home hair care, from detoxifiers to smoothers and natural lighteners!


apple cider vinegar

HOW IT WORKS: the best form of “detoxifying” your hair

WHY IT WORKS: the acidity is so close to that of natural hair, it works as a great conditioning and cleansing agent – especially with removing “build-up” that is heavy on the hair and found in styling products such as pomade and hairspray

HOW TO ADMINISTER & HOW OFTEN: use it once a week and alone before shampooing, one cup should suffice for medium length hair



HOW IT WORKS: not only does it relax one’s mood, beer also relaxes and smoothes ridged and chipped cuticles that make the hair look damaged and dull

WHY IT WORKS: Beer contains proteins that act as fillers and repairs hair as it gives it the ability to reflect more light

HOW TO ADMINISTER & HOW OFTEN: Use it once a month and alone before shampooing and rinse with a thick, dark stout beer – rinse well to remove smell



HOW IT WORKS: acts as a natural form of enhancing and highlighting dull hair

WHY IT WORKS: the acidity breaks down highlights without damaging the hair and lasts one week

HOW TO ADMINISTER & HOW OFTEN: after brewing a nice cup for bedtime, save the bags and use for leftovers. Boil pre-used bags and pour lukewarm mixture into a spray bottle. Shampoo and condition hair, then spray on chamomile mixture, distribute thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb and allow hair to dry preferably in the sun, as the rays help lighten the hair. The process can be repeated at least once a week.

ADDED BENEFITS: prevents dandruff and soothes an irritated scalp when applied to a mild shampoo


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Elane Nov 24, 2011 - 11:00 PM

Apple cider is known to be the natural detoxifying and quite works on hair rejuvenation. Your post is indeed a huge help on resolving hair loss problem.


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