8 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

by Kia C

There’s a ton of food accounts on Instagram, healthy or not. Some are those complex and hoity-toity accounts that have tons of food recipes which look great but I’m not going to/can’t make those recipes. I don’t have the know-how, time or patience to make stuffed truffles and aged prosciutto chicken topped with free-ranged eggs deconstructed with pea puree with splash of honey vinaigrette sauce. Like WTF is that?! These are my favorite, down-to-earth Instagrammers who post healthy recipes that are simple with regular ass ingredients.



HealthyFoodAdvice– This is the first healthy instagram account I followed and it hasn’t disappointed. Healthy appetizers to desserts with some tips in between. Simple recipes with a twist on simple ingredients.



CollegeCookin– At just 21 years old this college student created an instagram full of healthy and affordable meals. I wish she was around when I was in undergrad, all I was eating Ramen noodles and Zaxby’s. She even has a $5 ebook so if you have a few bucks to spare help her out with those textbooks.



MikeTheIronYou– Ok remember when I said I was featuring regular people? Well I lied, Iron Mike isn’t your average dude. Ugh just look at this spin on Potato Skins. As well as a popular Instagram account he has an amazing blog full of 100s of yummy recipes.



LexisCleanKitchen– A feed of food and puppies, be still my heart. Lexi is an Elementary teacher and a gluten-free, dairy-free, & paleo-friendly blogger. She’s super adorbs and her Creamy ‘Pasta’ Alla Vodka recipe is next on my list.



SkinnyTaste– Gina’s passion started in photography and ended up on a road of family-friendly recipes for her picky kids. And that snowballed into creating a blog and writing a cookbook. Check out her wholesome and filling dishes.



Cooking Light gathers a whole bunch of great recipes from many sources and puts them in one place. Just look at this Chicken, Broccoli, and Brown Rice Casserole. It costs just $10.31 for 4 servings.



FoodyDIY– Another account that shares healthy recipes and tips from all over. They also focus on crafty DIY recipes that will make you a hit at the bake sale.



FitMenCook– Who said you can’t find inspiration from regular men. This fine and bilingual man makes hearty meals, just look at his Cheerios Chicken Nugget. I love his fac…. creativity and he does something the above Instagramers don’t do. Videos! He has a Youtube videos you can follow along to.

Do you have any favorite healthy recipe instagram accounts?


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