20 Under $20- Your Last Chance

by Kia C

Honey I’ve been on the road to homeownership and boy am I on a tight budget. Shopbop is having one of their sales (again) and it’s just some promos I can’t pass up. I found some super cute affordable Spring accessories. PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 20% OR $20% OFF WITH PROMO EVENT17 (sale will last through April 14, 2017 11:59PM PT)

UPDATE- SALE EXTENDED UNTIL April 16, 2017, at 11:59pm PT

Kate Spade New York Framed Picture Dot Monster iPhone 7 Case ($20)

If you ever try to sneak a pic of someone you’ll get a good shot because they’ll be looking right at your phone case.

ban.do Love Potion Tumbler with Straw ($14)

Sip into existence your summer romance.

ban.do I Am Very Busy Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14)

…Or you can just tell everyone to bug off. Ain’t no warm weather stopping my coffee flow.

The Handbag Raincoat Medium City Slicker Handbag Raincoat ($15)

You paid a lot for those bags, protect them. Spring showers are coming.

Gift Boutique Trinket Earring Tree ($15)

No longer using my hair to warm up my ears. I can go back to cute up-dos with cute earrings. Oh look this can hold them all.

Kate Spade New York Strike Gold Sticky Note Set ($16)

Honey to do list written in style.

Iphoria Faux Fur Bag Charm ($17)

I have these in like allllll the colors. Great way to spot my keys in my junkie bags.

Gift Boutique Star Trinket Tray ($18)

Trinket tray for your….um trinkets.

Flight 001 Luggage Scale ($18)

I know you have some Spring/Summer trips planned. And well how many times have you been hit with that overweight fee?

Books with Style The Little Dictionary Of Fashion ($19.95)

No clue what to wear for the new season? Take advice from Christian Dior.

Gift Boutique Eat Well Tray ($20)

Words to live by.

Kate Spade New York Rosa Sheer Sock Set ($20)


Gift Boutique Muah Lips Trinket Tray ($20)

I didn’t plan to have so many trinket trays in this post, I promise. It’s things for your things.

SunnyLife Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holder ($20)

Who doesn’t need an inflatable flamingo shaped cocktail holder?!

ban.do Work It Out Water Bottle ($20)

Pretty much….

Gift Boutique Love Vessel Box ($20)

Really don’t know what this is or what I’d use it for but it’s cute.

SunnyLife Donut Candle ($21)

If I can’t (not supposed) to eat it at least I can set it on fire.

ban.do Thumbs Up Sticky Note Set ($12)

ban.do Thumbs Up Sticky Note Set ($12)

The I Am Very Busy sticky note sold me on the set, I’ve thought about 12 passive aggressive things to write on them.

Rendor and Steel Leather Choker Necklace ($21.30)

Show off that skinny neck you worked so hard for.

Kate Spade New York Everythings Coming Up Roses Large Notebook ($22)

Self therapy, write it all down (in something cute).

Books with Style No Bake Treats ($23)

I love baking but I don’t even want to look at the stove when it’s warm out. If this can help me get my sweet treats in without touching an oven I here for it.


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