Zoya Petals Collection Swatches


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Told you I’d be back with another spring collection. Zoya Petals released with 6 shimmer shades inspired by Spring Gardens. The Petals Collection is available now on Zoya.com.

zoya petals collection swatches

zoya petals collection


zoya leia

zoya leia-2

Sheer opalescent with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold. You can wear it alone but I have a feeling you’ll be layering it. Turn any shade into a party.


zoya aster

zoya aster-2

Periwinkle pastel with flecks of fuchsia. It’s kind of metallic shimmer.


zoya azalea

zoya azalea-2

Spring pink with white and fuchsia flash.


zoya zahara

zoya zahara-2

Shimmering peachy coral. Love it!


zoya tulip

zoya tulip-2

Pastel salmon cream with a hint of shimmer.


zoya laurel

zoya laurel-2

Pastel light pink with a hint of coral and shimmer.

It’s so dope how a beauty product can make you excited for a season. I’m glad none of them are straight creams, even though none of the shades are really unique in color it’s the shimmer that sets them apart. And yes, the shimmer removed easily. Leia, Zhara and Aster are my favorites.

As far as the formula goes, Zoya never fails. It’s the same great self-leveling, quick drying, easy to use formula. The four lighter shades need 3 coats for full coverage.

Zoya Petals Collection Set is $60 and individuals are $10 each.

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