Zoya Ignite Collection Swatches


zoya ignite swatches

The Zoya Ignite collection is 1 of 3 of their Fall Collections. Zoya Naturels Deux was released a few weeks ago and Zoya Entice was released with Zoya Ignite and shipping now.

zoya ignite collection

zoya ignite collection swatches
Autumn, India, Teigen, Sansa, Remy, Yuna

Autumn- copper with gold liquid metal

zoya autumn

zoya autumn-2

India- burgundy wine with gold & wine liquid metal

zoya india

zoya india-2

Teigen- berry with copper liquid metal

zoya teigen

zoya teigen-2

Sansa- grape eggplant with gold liquid metal

zoya sansa

zoya sansa-2

Remy- indigo with gold and green liquid metal

zoya remy

zoya remy-2

Yuna- warm blue grey with gold and copper liquid metal

zoya yuna

zoya yuna-2

Although they may look like glitters, they are indeed labeled metallics. They aren’t streaky and dry closer to a cream. They feel smooth and are not at all like Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. This liquid metal formula is unlike any other Zoya polishes I have and they are really unique. Though they are packed with the shimmer, it’s more noticeable close up. I would LOVE to see a Spring/Summer collection with this formula.

You can purchase the collection for $9 each from Zoya.com

My Must Haves
Sansa, Remy, Yuna


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