Review: Lash Control Mascara!

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LashControl is something NEW and DIFFERENT!

An innovative, squeezable mascara package which allows you to
continuously regulate the desired amount of mascara product on the brush.

The built in wiper sleeve at the mouth of the mascara tube is easily
manipulated…. Now your brush can be BOTH AN APPLICATOR AND LASH SEPARATOR.





Purple Squeeze
2x Black Volumizing Brush with Length and Conditioning formula





Pink Squeeze
Lengthening and Conditioning formula in Natural black with full tapered brush




Clear Squeeze

Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix with Soft Cylindrical Brush


Overall thoughts

I love LashControl mascaras for many reasons. The packaging is unique and for the life of me I can’t figure out why other brands haven’t thought of adding a squeezable grip. No more wiping extra mascara off on a tissue or separating your lashes to remove clumps and excess. This really is a fool proof mascara, I tried my hardest to get LashControl to clump, I didn’t even use the grip and it still didn’t clump.   I have never came across a mascara that I felt like it was completely different from other mascaras. I said time and time again that I don’t spend a lot of money on mascaras because to me they’re all basically the same, I was wrong. LashControl is the only mascara I’ll spend over $9 on. Any non-hassle products are a keeper for me. How many products do you know actually does what it claims 100%? Few if not none right? Well add LashControl to the list.

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Price: $20

Availibility: LashControl

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  1. I actually think that packaging idea is so great! I would love to have a squeeze grip on all of my mascaras. I like both of them the way they look on you, but I’d have to say the first one looks a bit better.

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