Orly Pacific Coast Highway Collection Swatches


I took a long break from my beloved polish obsession but I’m back at it. One of the new Summer collection is Orly Pacific Coast Highway. I’m happy fun colors are coming back, definitely helped me get out my winter rut. This is a 6 piece collection with cream neons and shimmer.

Orly Pacific Coast Highway_

Orly Pacific Coast Highway collection swatches

Road Trippin

Orly Road Trippin

Orly Road Trippin-2

A neon lemon-lime cream.

Summer Sunset

Orly Summer Sunset

Orly Summer Sunset-2

A semi-burnt tangerine shimmer.

Put The Top Down

Orly Put The Top Down

Orly Put The Top Down-2

A neon cream hot pink with a little hint of raspberry.

Scenic Routen

Orly Scenic Routen

Orly Scenic Routen-2

My favorite of the bunch. A neon cream with deeper lavender with pink undertones.

Life’s A Beach

Orly Lifes A Beach

Orly Lifes A Beach-2

My second fav because the color is kind of indescribable. Like a neon deeper orange cream but a little blood orange undertones.

Paradise Cove

Orly Paradise Cove

Orly Paradise Cove-2

Orchid shimmer. The least unique of the bunch.

Alright boo! I say we are starting off right. The Spring Orly Melrose Collection was softer, cooler shades and this summer collection is hotter, bolder and brighter shades. Which happen to be my type.

Each shade requires 2-3 coats for full coverage. They all had that great Orly satin-ish formula. No problems child in the mix.

I’m not exactly sure when this collection will hit stores, I believe it will be sometime in April. Any questions just ask! See you soon.

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