New Milani Color Statement Natural and Brown Lipsticks


milani color statement naturals & browns lipstick

“Make a statement without saying a word! True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish. The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free. Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish.”

milani color statement naturals & browns lipstick open

25 Naturally Chic- Rose Nude in Cream finish

This is the final batch of 4 from Milani’s new Colorstatement lipstick collection. The colorstaments lipsticks are a revamped version of the Color Perfect lipsticks.

milani 25 naturally chic lipstick

milani 25 naturally chic lip swatch

Lovely pinky nude.

26 Nude Creme- Pink Nude in Cream finish

milani 26 nude creme lipstick

milani 26 nude creme lip swatch

Too light for me but a pretty pinky nude for light skin tones.

27 Dulce Caramelo- Nude Brown in Pearl finish

milani 27 dulce caramelo lipstick

milani 27 dulce caramelo lip swatch

These darn pearl finishes. A brownish nude with shimmer. Not opaque, had to layer it to get this coverage.

29 Teddy Bare- Natural Pink Brown in Cream finish

milani 29 teddy bear lipstick

milani 29 teddy bear lip swatch

Love this one! It’s a light brown that looks really natural on my skin tone.

30 Candied Toffees- Copper Brown in Metallic finish

milani 30 candied toffees lipstick

milani 30 candied toffees lip swatch

Metallic red copper brown. I’m glad this metallic finish is a bit muted.

31 Bronze Beauty- Bronze in Shimmer finish

milani 31 bronze beauty lipstick

milani 31 bronze beauty lip swatch

True copperish brown with shimmer. While it does have quite a bit of shimmer in it, and I love it, I would put this in the metallic finish category. It’s a very, very pretty shade. Very bold and would look great on all skin tones.

36 D’Oro- Gold in Metallic finish

milani 36 d'oro lipstick

milani 36 d'oro lip swatch

Love a gold lip. While not for everyday but it’s great for special occasions. You don’t come across gold lipstick that often. Great on every skin tone. Gives light coverage but you can layer it.

37 Chocolate Berries- Chocolate Berry in Cream finish

milani 37 chocolate berries lipstick

milani 37 chocolate berries lip swatch

My favorite! This is really beautiful. It’s a reddish chocolate and applies beautifully.

38 Double Espresso- Pearl Dark Brown in Pearl finish

milani 38 double espresso lipstick

milani 38 double espresso lip swatch

True dark brown with a little shimmer. I love a good brown lipstick. They are great for fall/winter. It’s like dark brown lipsticks look bold but subtle on everyone.

milani color statement natural and brown lipstick swatches

Color Statement Lip liners
09 Spice- Nude Brown-Matte
10 Cocoa- Cocoa-Matte

milani color statement lip liner natural and brown

milani color statement lip liner 09 & 10 close

milani color statement lip liner 09 & 10 swatch


Milani did very well on these color statement lipsticks! I’m so happy with the new formula. If you have some of the older lipsticks you might think that some were greasy and had a strong berry scent. There are a total of 30 shades so I’m positive you’ll find a lot of colors you like. I’ve spotted them at a few CVS’s and Walgreens and the shelves were nearly empty. Don’t worry they aren’t going anywhere so stores will be restocking.

Price: $5.49 for 0.14 ounces / 3.97 grams

Availability: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart

Company Links: Website/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest

Disclosure: This post includes a press sample sent for possible consideration of  review. I will always give my honest opinions on every post. Feel free to view my disclosure or contact me.


  1. Creamy cocoa was awesome! Always got a ton of compliments! So sad when I went to buy today and realized it might be gone forever!?

  2. I can’t find my LOVE- #20 CREAMY COCOA?!
    Been wearing it for a few years and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it discontinued?
    If so, what color is the BEST AND CLOSEST substitute?
    THANK YOU kindly,

    • Sorry doll the old formula shades were discontinued. 🙁 they may later bring it back in the new formula but for now I don’t know. I looked at all my old Milani lipsticks and I don’t have Creamy Cocoa so I can’t recommend the closest one. All the browns Milani currently has are in this post so pick your favs and if you don’t like them you can always take it back. I’m sorry, it sucks so much when your favs are discontinued.

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