Milani Matte Lipsticks Swatches

by Kia C

Press Sample

Meet your Matte Made In Heaven. Brand new for 2015 meet the newest Milani lipsticks to their Color Statement line. There are 8 new matte lipsticks fresh off the runway. Infused with grape seed extract imported straight from Italy, these lipsticks deliver bold colors with a matte finish.

milani matte lipsticks

milani matte lipsticks-2

milani matte lipsticks-3

Here’s the display to look for.
milani matte lipstick display

Matte Innocence – light nude

milani matte innocence lipstick

Really dry, settles into lip lines and shows all imperfections.

Matte Naked – medium nude

milani matte naked lipstick

True matte formula, incredible even.

Matte Blissful – blush pink

milani matte blissful lipstick

Same great matte formula. Lovely shade and will complement all skin tones.

Matte Diva – hot pink

milani matte diva lipstick

Drier than the rest but not as dry as Innocence. On me it’s almost a MAC Candy Yum Yum. It’s neon and super bold, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Stains.

Matte Orchid – fuchsia

milani matte orchid lipstick

Same bomb formula. Stains.

Matte Glam – grape purple

milani matte glam lipstick

Needs to be built up a bit. Trendy yet fantastic shade.

Matte Passion – orange-red

milani matte passion lipstick

Amazing freaking shade and formula. It’s hard for me to find good orange-red lippies because they usually pull more red on me. Passion is true to color. It’s really flattering on me. It would be great for all skin tones. Stains.

Matte Confident – brick red

milani matte confident lipstick

OMG this color is gorgeous. Every woman in the world needs it. The best matte formula of them all. Stains.

The only one that I don’t like at all is Innocence. The rest are all worthy of your fabulous lips. My favs are Passion, Naked and Confident. They feel lightweight and creamy. The Vitamins A & C in them will keep your luscious lips soft and hydrated.

The Milani Matte Lipsticks starts at $4.99 at CVS stores nationwide and And until February 3rd ALL Milani lipsticks are 30% on their website. So gone head and get em girl!



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