Milani Cosmetics Haul


Hey beauties!

So CVS is currently having a 75% sale on select Milani products in select shades because some items are being discontinued so I ran in. I got all this for $14!

 Milani Minerals Blush- regularly $7.39 on sale for $1.85 





 Sunset Beach




 Sweet Rose


Luminous, Sunset Beach, Mai Tai, Sweet Rose

Milani Body Bronzer- regularly $8.99  on sale for $2.25






 Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner- regularly $7.39 on sale for $1.85



 Endless, Eternal

Some stores have them marked off but most don’t so just take the items you’re interested in and scan them at the price checker. Some of the  Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liners, Body Bronzer, all of the Mineralized Blushes, all of the Color Brilliance Liners, Glitter Liners, some of the regular lipsticks, some Lip Mixers and some other products were part of the sale at my store. Items being discontinued and sale items can vary by store.

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