Make Up For Ever Foundation Palette


makeup forever foundation palette

A palette featuring 11 shades of Pan Stick Foundation for evening out the complexion and camouflaging small imperfections.

makeup forever foundation palette open

makeup forever foundation palette back

makeup forever foundation palette open-2

makeup forever foundation palette swatches

makeup forever foundation palette swatches-2

I saw this Make Up For Ever Foundation Palette first at The Makeup Show and really didn’t think twice about it. I just didn’t see a need for it since I don’t freelance. I saw it for what it really is when it was sent to me.

The palette consists of all 11 of the Make Up For Ever Pan Stick Foundations. The shades range from pure white to a medium brown with cool and warm undertones. There’s an empty well in the palette for you to mix shades. You can use these as foundations, from sheer to full coverage, or even just a concealer.

Now if you’re a freelance make up artist this palette speaks for itself. It’s compact with multiple shades so it’s good for a kit. If you’re an average consumer you might ask why you would even need this. When I started evolving into highlighting and contouring I found this palette to be perfect. I was going to order a few foundations for the process until I realized I had this baby sitting, collecting dust. A shade in it matches my face and there’s bunch of shades for highlighting and the darkest shade is great for contouring. If you have a deeper skin tone then this palette isn’t going to really provide a benefit for you.

Ok, yes it’s $113 but let’s think about this. If you’re into highlighting and contouring you’ll need 3 foundations (1 highlight, 1 contour and 1 exact match). Since most of us don’t stay the same shade in the winter and summer than guess what? You’ll need 6 foundation shades throughout the year. My favorite foundations range from $30-40 so that’s $180-240 for 6 total. So this route is cheaper and if you get it from a makeup trade show it should be 40% off. It’s something to think about. This Make Up For Ever Foundation Palette is a pro product so it only available through the Make Up For Ever boutique.


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