MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches


mac tropical taboo haul

A few weeks ago MAC released one of their bigger summer collections.  At my surprise a lot of it is still available online and in stores.

Mineralized Eye Shadows– $21

Cha Cha Cha– Deep blue-green with green pearl

mac cha cha cha

mac cha cha cha swatch

Time To Tango– Lavender with silver pearl

mac time to tango

mac time to tango swatch

Caribbean– Rose with pink and red pearl

mac caribbean

mac caribbean swatch

*swatched dry and wet*

I normally pass on the Mineralized Shadows but these 3 were really beautiful. I’ve learned that online pics really don’t do a lot of mineralized products justice. Time to Tango is my favorite and Cha-Cha-Cha is absolutely gorgeous.

Tropical Taboo Mineralized Blushes– $25

Sweet Samba– Dark pink with tan pearl

mac sweet samba

mac sweet samba swatch

Simmer– Blunt rose with peach/gold pearl

mac simmer

mac simmer swatch

Exotic Ember– Orange with bronze pearl

mac exotic ember

mac exotic ember swatch

*swatched dry, wet and blended*

Sweet Samba is probably something you’ve seen before but honey I just adore Simmer and Exotic Ember. Simmer has bunches of gold shimmer in it and it makes it so unique. Exotic Ember is a dark girls dream! It’s a great neutral/bronze shade with some pop to it. I don’t recall the last time MAC released something similar.

Mineralized Skin Finishes– $30

Lust– Pale pink with cranberry pearl

mac lust

mac lust swatch

Rio– Bronze with bright pink pearl

mac rio

mac rio swatch

I’ve a stalker for Limited Edition Mineralized Skin Finished. 3 of 5 of the MSF’s in this collection are LE. I skipped Adore because it’s pale and very metallic but I’ll probably pick it up anyway because I need help. Lust is just wonderful, just everything. Even though my aunt stole it from me but thats ok because today is her birthday. It’s my favorite and WOC friendly.

Mineralized Rich lipstick– $22

Midnight Mambo– Intense violet

mac midnight mambo

mac midnight mambo swatch


MAC released a permanent Mineralized Rich Lipstick collection recently and I didn’t buy from it because I didn’t care for the formula. I really liked this shade though and its limited edition so I picked it up. As you can see it just does not apply evenly. Leave it at the store, it’s no big whoop.

Cremesheen Lipglass– $20

Narcissus– dirty eggplant

mac narcissus

mac narcissus wand

mac narcissus swatch


Kinda milky and settles in the lines but I like this gloss. I probably won’t wear it alone but I’d definitely apply it over a lipstick.

Midnight Mambo and Narcissus

mac mambo madness and narcissus swatch

159 Duo Fibre Face Brush- $35

mac 159

mac 159 close

mac 159 close 2


You know I have to grab every LE brush. I haven’t used it yet but it’s for the mineralized blushes and skin finishes. MAC rereleased the 287 brush in this collection and I swear by that brush. It’s like blending for dummies. It’s my favorite eye shadow brush.

Overall I really liked this collection. It really has a lot of great summer shades. I enjoy a lot of MACs Mineralized Products.

Do you pick up anything?

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