MAC Temperature Rising Swatches


mac temperature rising haul

This is one of MACs summer collections. I love the bronze packaging. Temperature Rising is full of warmer shades with tons of shimmer. Most of the Temperature Rising Collection is sold out online but it’s in stores May 23.

Blushes- $23

Hot Nights

mac hot nights

Ripe for Love

mac ripe for love

mac ripe for love and hot nights swatch

 Hot Night, Ripe for Love

I love both blushes. Hot Nights is perfect for all skin tones while Ripe for Love may only suit lighter to medium skin tones. Hot Nights has some shimmer in it but it isn’t noticeable.

Underdressed lipglass- $16.50

mac underdressed

mac underdressed wand

I’m in love with glitter glosses! I was originally excited for all 4 of the lipglasses in this collection but the other 3 didn’t have enough glitter or pigment to them so I just bought Underdressed. I like it but I’m not in love. I don’t like dark lippies for summer but if I was darker and the shade was a nude on me I would love it. It also applies a bit unevenly.

Feel My Pulse lipstick- $16.50

mac feel my pulse lipstick

mac feel my pulse

Love this shade but it isn’t anything you haven’t seen from MAC before. It’s very creamy to the point it’s harder to apply evenly. It’s a bold magenta color not super bright, great for summer.

mac underdressed and feel my pulse swatch

mac underdressed lip swatch

mac feel my pulse lip swatch

Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid- $31

mac strobe liquid

mac golden elixer strobe liquid swatch

After hearing so much about Strobe Liquid lately I decided to pick this up. This is the Golden Elixir version and features a ton of simmer and bronze. Strobe liquid has multiple uses. You can apply directly to the skin or mix it in lotion, moisturizer or liquid foundation. I mixed it in with my foundation and saw a subtle change. You won’t look like a Twilight extra but it provides a glow.


  1. Great haul. I only picked up Bare my soul e/s quad and 2 Powerchrome pencils ( Copper strip & Life’s luxury ). I was on the fence about getting the Strobe cream, but later decided to leave it. I use Benefit’s ‘Girl meets Pearl’ pretty much the same way, & I love it, plus it’s a permanent product. I wanted to pick up Feel my pulse & Caliente l/s, but they were already sold out! : ( . I probably. Have similar colors in my stash.

      • They work well. They set quickly, so if you’re using as a base, you will need to blend them out before they set. I havn’t worn these on my waterline, because these kind of colors don’t show up well on my deep skin tone. As shadows, they work well ( I got 10 hrs wear without any fading or creasing ) although I always use a primer because I have super oily lids, so I can’t comment on how well they wear without primer. If you have the MUFE aqua shadow waterproof eye shadow pencils, then you don’t really need these. Urban decay have some great shadow pencils as well. In retrospect, I could have skipped these. The colors are not really that unique.They are nice to have, but definitely not a must-have. I think there are better products out there that give you more bang for your buck. I’v heard Sephora has some great shadow pencils. Unfortunately, there’s no Sephora in my country, so I can’t elaborate further. Hope that helped

  2. The blush Hot Night is pretty. I bought the lipstick, I do love the color but I have to agree that’s creamy. But I do love it.

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