LUSH Trial Moisturizers!

by Kia C
lush moisturizers

lush moisturizers

I was super excited when I walked into Lush a few weeks ago and saw they had mini moisturizers available. I’ve been on the hunt for a go-to moisturizer for a while now and so I scooped up 4 of these little babies to test out. I HIGHLY recommend you head to Lush if you are interested in their moisturizers. The sample trial sizes should last about 3 weeks each. That’s a lot of moisturizer for $4!

[stextbox id=”custom”]We believe so strongly that everyone needs to find the right moisturizer for themselves, that for a limited time, we’re offering trial size pots of all of our moisturizers to help you determine which one is best for you.[/stextbox]

Celestial ($3.95 .4 oz/ $23.95 1.5 oz)

Meant for skin that reacts to everything; it’s made of the most calming and soothing ingredients to help alleviate your sensitive, dry skin and reduce inflammation. This gentle almond cream delicately moisturizes and softens the skin and gives it a beautiful soft scent.

Enzymion ($4.95 .4 oz/$37.95 1.5 oz)

A light moisturizer to help oily skin look bright and shine-free. Citrus fruit clean up excess oils and tone so you’re left feeling fresh and looking matte. Cocoa butter and cold pressed avocado oil gently moisturize, soften and nourish the skin, replenishing it after you cleanse.

Skin’s Shangri-La ($5.95 .4 oz/$49.95 1.5 oz)

Protection for dry and mature skin, this moisturizer is packed with gorgeous, cold-pressed essential oils full of vitamins and minerals to help rejuvenate and soothe, it will leave your skin soft and glowing. This amazingly nourishing and moisturizing cream for simply sumptuous skin.

Imperialis ($3.95 .4 oz/$23.95 1.5 oz)

Perfectly balances problem t-zones with soothing plant extracts. If your skin is unsure whether it wants to be dry or oily, Imperialis will help your skin. The lightly whipped butters and natural oils are not too light or heavy but perfectly balanced, so try it out if you’re not sure which moisturizer to start with.

Gorgeous ($9.95 .4 oz/$89.95 1.5 oz)

Suited for everyone’s skin. We begin with the beautifully moisturizing and nourishing coconut oil, olive oil and cold pressed avocado oil. Then we add in vitamin-rich cold pressed evening primrose and wheatgerm oils and fresh lemon, orange and pineapple juice to brighten your skin and leave it looking matte.

Skin Drink ($3.95 .4 oz/$22.95 1.5 oz)

Our most hydrating and nourishing cream for dry or mature skin. We add plenty of rejuvenating and soothing aloe vera decoction, vitamin-rich sesame oil and moisturizing fresh avocado. You’ll satisfy your skin’s thirst, leaving it glowing, soft and nourished.

Vanishing Cream ($4.95 .4 oz/$39.95 1.5 oz)

Our lightest moisturizer that balances combination skin. We put in shea instead of cocoa, soothing honey, calming rose and lavender honey water. After you cleanse (and tone), smooth on Vanishing Cream; it sinks in quickly and keeps oily skin matte and fresh.

Cosmetic Lad ($3.95 .4 oz/$22.95 1.5 oz)

Soothing cream for post-shaving dryness because its filled with calming aloe vera gel, chamomile extract and lavender honey water. It’s superb on sunburnt, wind-chapped and razor burnt faces; this is not just a cream for the boys, girls love it too. It hydrates and softens without weighing you down.

Available: online and in-store


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Delyteful Speaks Oct 12, 2011 - 5:07 PM

Very helpful post!! I used Vanishing Cream when my skin was more towards the oily side and loved it.. My sis uses Skin Drink and she has re-purchased it twice already.. I wanna try Skin’s Shangri-La.. Love lush and everything they have to offer

Thanks heaps for the post! =)


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