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Jordana Matte Lipstick Swatches

New for 2015 are Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks. A new collection of 12 matte lipsticks. A “modern” matte formula that helps you say goodbye to those dry matte lippies.

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick-2

Bare – Deep Pink Nude
Jordana Matte Bare Lipstick

Blush – Nude
Jordana Matte Blush Lipstick

Applied a bit unevenly.

Frappucino – Deep Clay Nude
Jordana Matte Frappucino Lipstick

Tease – Rosy Pink
Jordana Matte Tease Lipstick

Applied a bit unevenly.

Classy – Muave
Jordana Matte Classy Lipstick

Adorable – Bubblegum Pink
Jordana Matte Adorable Lipstick

Applied unevenly and settles into lines.

Popular – Bright Pink
Jordana Matte Popular Lipstick

It Girl – Fuchsia
Jordana Matte It Girl Lipstick

Dare – Deep Berry
Jordana Matte Dare Lipstick

Applied unevenly.

Pretty – Terracotta
Jordana Matte Pretty Lipstick

Applied a bit unevenly.

Caliente – Orange-Red
Jordana Matte Caliente Lipstick

Style – Blue Red
Jordana Matte Style Lipstick

I have never purchased any Jordana makeup. I have clearly been missing out! Most of the lipsticks have a great formula, gives a true matte look and non-drying. The only one I’d tell you to leave at the store is Adorable, light matte lipsticks always seem to suck. My favorites are Frappuccino, Classy, It Girl, Pretty and Caliente. Those are the ones that had good formulas and the most flattering on my skin tone.

The new Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks are available at Walgreens and for less than $3. Here’s the display if you’re looking for them.

Jordan Modern matte lipstick display

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