Fighting Rays With Intellishade

by Kia C


We all know that BB creams are all the rage now. Intellishade SPF 45 gives a multi-light coverage, has a SPF plus a lot more. So basically it’s like a BB cream on steroids.



The 411

Intellishade is an anti-aging moisturizer, loaded with peptides that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains an SPF 45 while offering a sheer mineral tint of coverage. It can also be used as a daily moisturizer. Intellishade SPF 45 even fights photo damage which causes premature aging. It also claims to helps improve skin elasticity and firmness and activates the skin’s own growth factors for increased collagen production.



Ok, you may or may have not came across SPF that goes on white and you probably ran away from because of that. Dermatologists actually recommended those “white” SPF’s because they have big zinc oxide particles that give a lot of protection. If you don’t care about all that and not for that white cast, Intellishade has Zinc Oxide but it’s in a micronized form. So the Zinc Oxide has very small particles. The particles are small enough not leave a heavy white coating on the skin, yet large enough to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays.


 Blended in

 5 mins later

When I first opened it up I immediately groaned because I thought it was too light. I have dry skin so I tend to put a healthy amount of moisturizer on my face so this time was no different. Needless to say I looked two shades too light. I put my makeup on to see if that would even me out and it did. The second day of testing I put less on and realized a little went a long way. I got the moisture I so desperately needed and light coverage. I also wasn’t headed out that day so Intellishade was all I was going to be wearing. About 5 minutes after I first applied it I looked in the mirror and saw it faded in and matched my skin. I was relived to find out that it did in fact match my skin tone. I can’t say that it’ll match my deep toned beauties but I can attest that it’s fine on medium-to-dark skin.

This was one of those products that was rough at first then I found myself reaching for it all the time.I also noticed that my face looks brighter (when it’s not on), which is something that it doesn’t claim to do so plus 1 for Intellishade. I didn’t notice any difference in my fine lines but I’ve only been testing it for 2 weeks so I’ll do an update if I see an improvement on that. It gives light, light coverage. I’m not saying don’t buy it if you need more coverage because it’s an awesome moisturizer. To have skincare, moisturizer, foundation and  SPF in one bottle is a pretty great thing.


Price: $48 for1.7 oz. (expensive but it is a 4-n-1 product)

Available: Intellishade recently launched in a new matte formula that helps to minimize the appearance of pores. It’s sold exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medically supervised spas. To find a skincare professional near you, visit their product locator.

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Irene garza Jun 27, 2012 - 7:45 AM

Excellent product I love it


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