Hotter Isn’t Better- Coolway AutoSense Flat Iron

by Kia C

Every now and then a cool product pops in my inbox. I wanted to share this with you because I love innovative products. This is a flat iron that auto adjusts heat according to the moisture level in your hair. So if it works well then say goodbye to heat damage. Check it out.

Hotter Isn’t Better
A “cooled down” approach to achieving smoother, healthier hair…

You don’t have to crank up the heat with damaging styling tools to tame frizzy, unruly strands any longer. Recognized as an Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough for 2012, the NEW Coolway styling system achieves sleek, straight strands without the scorch. Coolway Best of Beauty Breakthrough

Today’s flat irons are made to reach sizzling temperatures of 450°F – a temperature that is clinically shown to leave hair damaged over the long-term. Coolway Transform™ Spray and Coolway Low Heat AutoSense™ Styler is based on a cool technology that delivers smooth, straight hair at safe, low temperatures below 299°F, proven by research to not damage hair. The Coolway System features:

Coolway Transform™ Spray featuring silk proteins, Red Algae Extract, and fermented corn ingredients, that work to boost hair’s natural moisture content, allowing the Coolway Low Heat Styler to smooth and straighten hair at safe, low temperatures. Not only does the Transform Spray deliver long-term results that are humidity-resistant and frizz-free, it cuts blow drying time in half! With continued use, hair becomes stronger, shinier and more manageable.

Coolway AutoSense™ Styler uses low heat for all hair types and unlike typical flat irons, it will not evaporate the moisture within hair, which keeps it stronger and frizz free. Smarter than other flat irons, the AutoSense™ Styler measures hair’s moisture level and automatically sets to the ideal personalized temperature for your strands that’s required to seal in moisture while styling and protecting the hair. No more guess work with the temperature dial needed, it knows your hair better than you!

Hair treated by Coolway was clinically tested to be stronger by 300%, with 75% less breakage.

The Coolway styling system launched in August 2012 and retails for $150 at



Stephanie Brown Mar 10, 2013 - 9:46 AM

This sounds great! Thought my GHD is the best I can get, but I think less heat can only be good for my hair, or any hair for that matter.

Kate Curry Oct 12, 2012 - 8:14 PM

What a great find! I am going to have to trade my old flatiron in for one of those!

Ana Reid Oct 12, 2012 - 2:06 AM

I am interested in trying this one out. I used to have wavy hair and I want it straight. I think this is the right one for me. Hope it works…


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