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So a few months ago Everyday Minerals contacted me about reviewing their brushes. I’m pretty much a brush fiend and advocate for great beauty tools so I accepted. I like to put brushes through the ringer before I form an opinion. So I thoroughly tested them.

From what I can tell all of Everyday Mineral brushes are synthetic. The entire brand (makeup and skin care too) is 100% cruelty free. The brush handles are made from renewable bamboo.

So at first glance I was impressed with these brushes. I liked the bristles; they were soft and seemed well made but brushes have to be washed and used multiple times to see exactly what they are made of.

Dome Blush Brush $12.99


The Dome Blush Brush can apply both powder or blush to the face. However, it works superior to blush application. Tap off any excess before application to avoid any harsh deposit of color or powder to the face. Then use the side of the brush to gently sweep the product on the face.

Double Perfect Eye-Shadow / Eyeliner Brush $12.99



Double ended eye shadow / eyeliner brush is great for whole lid, crease, and eye brow application. Luxurious and dense super-soft synthetic fibers with renewable bamboo handles. Vegan all the way.

Double Ended Foundation & Conceal Brush $12.99



A multi-purpose brush, ideal for concealing and mineral foundation application.

Long Handled Kabuki $12.99


The Long Handled Kabuki Brush is very similar to the Dome Blush Brush in that it offers great application for both blush and powder. Just make sure to tap out any excess product when using blush since the denser bristles of this brush can deliver color more boldly to the skin. Sweep to blend on the face and cheeks. This brush is an excellent size for travel.

Once again I am a fan of makeup brushes. Some people don’t like spending the money on good quality brushes but brushes are an investment. If you take care of them properly they will last you a very long time. I know makeup artists who have had brushes for over 10 years. So they are worth the money.

I’ve been using these brushes for about 4 months now and they are some of the best brushes I own. They HAVE NOT shed at all. I even tried pulling on the hair and not one strand came out. Even my MAC brushes shed every now and then. Everyday Mineral brushes are extremely well made. They hold their shape and the bristle density of each brush is thick and appropriate for its use. They are still as soft as they were when I first took them out the packaging. The ferrule has not loosened, moved or nothing. No worries about using them and the end just falls off the handle.

They are all extremely affordable. Everyday Minerals also has a wide variety of brushes in unique shapes. I’m a sucker for a unique shape. If you check out the website you’ll probably see some shapes you’ve never seen before.

The only thing I don’t like is double end brushes. That’s only because I’m anal about organization. But it makes them a great value since you get a 2-for-1. I definitely want at least 10 more brushes for them, especially the face ones.

Available: http://www.everydayminerals.com/

Company Links: Website/ Facebook


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