Easy DIY Halloween Nails with Rite Aid

by Kia C

diy halloween nails



So Halloween is this week and I pretty much hate every Halloween makeup collection I’ve seen this year. So instead of covering those I decided to do some easy-ish DIY Halloween Nails. I’m not very creative so I decided to skip the drawing of ghosts, eyes and all that other stuff. I created 8 basic designs so you can mix and match or just do 1 or 2. So if you want some fun nails but don’t have the time or skill give these designs a try.

easy halloween nails

halloween nails

I skipped showing the polishes I used because it really doesn’t matter. Just stick to Halloween colors like orange, black, yellow, red, green and white. If you plan on rarely using these shades I’d go with the SinFul polish line since they are super affordable but if you want quality I recommend the Sally Hansen Triple Shine line. Majority of the polishes are from Sally Hansen and Milani. The glitter is from the China Glaze Apocalypse Halloween Collection. You can get everything you need from Rite Aid.

easy halloween nails-2

halloween nails 2014

halloween nail art

Here’s the step-by-step for each nail. Obviously numbers 5 and 6 are my thumbs and you see those in the previous pictures.

1) The Candy Corn

  • 2 coats of a white base, let dry
  • Freestyle or use nail striping tape then apply an orange, let dry
  • same as above but repeat with yellow

2) The Bloody Fingerprint

  • 2 coats of a white polish. let dry
  • Pour some drops of red polish in a palette or something similar and dilute it with nail polish remover. It should be really wet.
  • Take a brush and cover your fingerprint or dip your finger in the polish then press down (don’t roll) on the nail. Practice a few times on a piece of paper.

3) The Polka Dot

  • Apply striping tape or freestyle to create a half-moon
  • 2 coats of orange polish, let dry
  • Use a dotting tool or toothpick to apply black polish

4) The Drag

  • Apply 2 coats of red polish, let dry
  • 1 coat of matte top coat, let dry
  • Take a mascara/nail art wand or dry polish brush and coat the tips lightly with black polish
  • Drag the wand or brush across the nail until you get the desired effect

5) & 9) The Solid Matte Nail

  • I didn’t want every nail have a design so pick some random nails and matte it out for a different look.
  • 2 coats of green polish, let dry
  • 1 coat of matte top coat

6) The Crime Scene

  • 2 coats of white polish, let dry
  • Add a few drops of red polish on a palette and let it dry out and get sticky
  • Take some plastic wrap or bag, ball it up and dip random spots into the red polish
  • Quickly dab the plastic all over the nail but don’t cover it too much

7) The Glitter Accent

  • 2 coats of green polish, let dry
  • 1 or 2 coats of chosen glitter polish

8) The Spider Web

  • 2 coats of black polish, let dry
  • Put several drops of white polish on a palette
  • Take a toothpick, dotting tool, safety-pin or similar object and stir the white polish over and over (could be up 15 minutes depending on the polish) until it gets stringy
  • Pick up the strings with your tool and drag them across the nail to create whatever design you want

10) The Drip

  • 2 coats of black polish, let dry
  • Take your tool and make 3 random drops with red polish
  • Apply polish across the tip of the nail
  • Use tool or polish brush and connect the dots to the tip of the nail

And that’s it! I hope you like them. If you need extra help or want me to refer you to how-to videos just leave a comment.

Happy Halloween! xoxo


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