An Automatic Sponge for Foundation?

by Kia C


Ok, so I saw this on WWD the other day and was instantly intrigued. Color Me foundation tool seems to be the first of it’s kind. The first thing I said was “it’s a clarisonic for foundation!” The Color Me will be releasing in August so there’s not too much info about it around. It took me like 10 minutes to even google it. If it does what it claims to do it will be a huge hit. It’s supposed to be sold in select Ulta’s and online so here’s hoping reviews are coming soon. I’m really hyped over this. Check out their website and the video.

It is rare to find a sophisticated beauty device with a simple mission, but that dichotomy defines Color Me. Designed to improve and accelerate makeup application, Color Me puts clinically proven innovation in the palm of women’s hands to help them get flawless in a flashTM.
Founded on the vision of Eric Jimenez, Color Me brings makeup application to the next level with its patented technology. With an automatic sponge that runs at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute, the device applies foundation evenly in less than two minutes. Once activated, the sponge, which mimics gentle finger tapping, quickly buffs and blends foundation onto the skin for an even finish. In an independent clinical study, most women reported cutting application time in half, with improved evenness.
An added bonus: this efficient method reduces the amount of product needed, and increases hygiene as the sponges can be replaced after frequent use.
Proving its versatility, the tool can be used with all types of foundation, BB creams and tinted moisturizers as well as concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter and contouring makeup. Simply swap the old sponge for a new one and begin work on the desired area.
With a long and accomplished background in the beauty industry, Jimenez is considered by many an innovator. During his tenure as chief educator and global makeup artist for brands ranging from Urban Decay to Benefit Cosmetics and as a skincare expert at La Mer, Jimenez witnessed the makeup struggles of countless women around the world. They wanted an easy airbrushed look but didn’t have the know-how or tools at home. Jimenez saw a void in the market and shared his vision for Color Me with co-founder and long time friend, Leah Ashley. Her background in building innovative beauty companies like Birchbox and her business-savvy mentality transformed the idea into reality.
Color Me is available at select Ulta stores and online at and The Automatic Foundation Applicator Starter Kit retails for $54.00 and the Sponge Refill Set retails for $9.00.


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