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china glaze the great outdoors collection

Another Fall collection here on Beauty In The Geek. Today we have the China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection (that was a mouthful). This collection has a nature theme if you couldn’t guess and it features 12 shades that explores the vast tones and textures of the wilderness. Let’s get to it.

S’More Fun: Lemon lime creme

china glaze S’More Fun

china glaze S’More Fun-2

I love this color! It’s so fun and it stands out. I had to use 3 coats to get it to even out and experienced a little pooling.

Gone Glamping: Gold to green duo chrome

china glaze Gone Glamping

china glaze Gone Glamping-2

Thin formula as with most duo chromes so I used 3 coats.

Take a Hike: Mossy green creme

china glaze Take a Hike

china glaze Take a Hike-2

Another shade I really like. It’s very opaque with a gorgeous creme formula. You can actually get away with one coat but I used 2.

Let’s Dew It: Multi dimensional blue gray glitter

china glaze Let’s Dew It

china glaze Let’s Dew It-2

My camera really didn’t pick this up like I wanted too. It’s actually a really beautiful glitter. I put it over Let’s Dew It but it really stands on it’s own. It looks powerful and vibrant on the nail. Definitely one to consider. I used 1-2 coats.

Sleeping Under the Stars: Dark blue with fuchsia stardust shimmer

china glaze Sleeping Under the Stars

china glaze Sleeping Under the Stars-2

How many times have a said another favorite in this post? Well here we go. This one is another favorite. I love shades like this, they are so special. The blue purple looks great with the shimmer and it’s just a nice shade. A little bubble on one finger but sometimes I get heavy with the coats. I used 2 coats with this one.

Pondering: Amethyst duo chrome

china glaze Pondering

china glaze Pondering-2

The second duo chrome in the collection. The formula is just like the first, 3 coats.

Check Out the Silver Fox: Metallic gunmetal silver/gray

china glaze Check Out the Silver Fox

china glaze Check Out the Silver Fox-2

Count them up…. Another favorite. I love this because it looks textured but it’s not really. The color is bold and it’s really a statement polish. I used 2 coats. I suggest using liquid latex around the cuticle or being really careful applying it because as you can see you might end up with shimmer around your fingers after cleanup.

Change Your Altitude: Greige (my new favorite word) creme

china glaze Change Your Altitude

china glaze Change Your Altitude-2

Don’t judge me but…. This is probably my favorite out of the whole collection (I think). When I first opened up the box I knew I would love it. I just love these shades. You know those silver/greys, beige/greys, lavender/greys. You see where I’m going. The color is perfect but unfortunately the formula wasn’t as great. It was a few issues with it evening out, I had to use 2-3 coats but we got there.

Wood You Wanna?: Brown burgundy metallic

china glaze Wood You Wanna

china glaze Wood You Wanna-2

If you have any questions about the true color of this one, it looks like hot chocolate powder. You know how it has like a hint of pink and cool toned? But it’s a metallic so it’s a unique one. I used 2 coats.

My Lodge or Yours?: Natural mauve creme

china glaze My Lodge or Yours

china glaze My Lodge or Yours-2

Another favorite. This is a beautiful rosey mauve. I know my natural girls will love this one. Extremely classic and work friendly. I used 2 coats.

Cabin Fever: Pink to copper duo chrome

china glaze Cabin Fever

china glaze Cabin Fever-2

The third and last duo chrome. This is my favorite of the 3. It looks like my favorite sunglasses. Right on trend for this summer (even though this is in the Fall collection). This particular duo chrome would look great on all skin tones. 3 coats.

Free Bear Hugs: Deep black red creme

china glaze Free Bear Hugs

china glaze Free Bear Hugs-2

It seems like there’s been an oxblood shade in everyones Fall collection. I really can’t say too much about it because what you see is what you get with these shades. I used 2 coats.

Phew. We made it. There you go, all 12 shades of the China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection. I like different things about each brand when it comes to their collections but China Glaze really has the best color range of them all. There’s always a mixture of great shades and finishes. I can always expect beautiful things from them and never be disappointed. (you should see the halloween collection coming up. *wink*) They have a great team. There’s not one shade I would tell you to stay away from, it all comes down to whatever your style is. Definitely go check it out! Any questions let me know. Until next time! xoxo

China Glaze The Great Outdoors will be available in August 2015 at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply at $7.50 for individual shades.


  1. Oooh, such pretty swatches! Going to get, like, all of these. How close are Gone Glamping and Zoya’s Aggie? At first I thought they would be dead on dupes but now I’m thinking Aggie is more gold and has a weaker duochrome.

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