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blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit

If you remember last year I introduced you to blu PLUS+. All about the basics and so forth. If you’re still on the fence or know someone who is, follow me and my relationship with blu PLUS+.

As I explained in my previous post, I was a smoker for a little less than a year of my life when I was extremely stressed out. Even though it was maybe a half of a cigarette a day I felt it was getting the best of me. Plus I didn’t want to be known as a “smoker” so I did it in secret. I don’t miss the sneaking about and trying to mask the smell. The only thing I want to crave is food. Lol. Even though my life got better, during those stressful days that everyone has I found myself wanting to light up. So the opportunity to review blu PLUS+ came at the right time.

So when I’m back stressed for whatever reason blu PLUS+ helps me out. For a few minutes my mind is clear and I’m just focused on blu PLUS+. It’s like a little time out for me. Everything just kind of disappears, if only for a moment. The best thing about it that I don’t have to go to my car to smoke, ashing out the window and airing out after to use it. Nor am I searching for lighters or looking for a stick of gum after. There’s no smell with these.

blu PLUS+ one year later

I also like using blu PLUS+ when I’m out at bar with my girls. Drinking and smoking just goes together for me. I love that I can just use this right in the bar. I don’t have to borrow a cigarette from a stranger or isolate myself outside in the cold, missing a joke a friend told. Honestly my friends never even brought up that I was using blu PLUS+, I don’t think they even knew. I took a couple of hits and slipped it right back in my bag. Oh and my bag, blu PLUS+ fits right into my party clutch taking up little to no room. There’s no big bulky cigarette box stinking up your bag or taking up precious lipgloss space. TUH as if.

blu PLUS+-2

There’s one more situation where I find myself using blu PLUS+. During my “me” time. Some people go to the spa, take a bath, go see a movie for their “me” time but I find myself sitting right on the couch. I’ve always loved watching the weather, it just calms and intrigues me. So sometimes I just fall into the couch staring out the window and listening to old school R&B. I might fix a cocktail or two and just enjoy myself. A lot of those times blu PLUS+ is right there with me just hanging out too. Always there when I need it.

blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit-2

Last year I got the Xpress Kit™ that came with 1 battery and 2 tanks. This time around I got to try the head honcho, the blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit. It looks like a cigarette pack but much slimmer, sleeker and doubles as a charging pack/case. Plus it has an improved tip, larger battery battery and rapid (30 minutes) recharge. Included is:

  • Slim, rechargeable pack
  • 1 blu PLUS+ wall charger
  • 1 blu PLUS+ USB cord
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (last twice as long as blu Rechargeable)
  • Batteries “quick-charge” in the pack
  • 3 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks™ with more than twice the capacity of blu flavor cartridges.

Updated blu screenshot

I’m not partial to the Classic Tobacco tank so I used my Vivid Vanilla Tanks and all the flavor tanks come in High, Medium and None nicotine. I ordered that pack online; my shipping was free and it shipped out 6 hours later. The entire process was easy. You also earn points for every purchase that you can use to redeem free merchandise.


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