Black Friday Deals You Forgot To Get (No Fighting Required)

by Kia C


Theres many DNA kits available but the highest rated one is AncestryDNA and it just so happens to be $59 right now, thats the lowest price I’ve seen it. This will be a Christmas gift to myself, I’m really interested in knowing who I am.


I looked at all the major sites for basic long sleeved tees and could not find any deals that aren’t available any other time throughout the year. I found THEE BEST deal at Kohl’s, I never go in Kohl’s on Black Friday because the lines are worst than Best Buy but they have plenty of online stock. I got long sleeve basics for $4 each. Yup FOUR dollars. The short sleeves and spaghetti straps are even cheaper. code BUYNOW20 for an extra 20% off.


Yeah ok ok, yes I’m blogging about coffee. Coffee is a morning ritual now and I try to find the best deals. I have a Keurig and I’m ditching the K-Cups for the reusable one. Regularly $14, now $7 on Amazon and Walmart. Target is having a really great ground coffee sale with 5%-10% cartwheel deals on certain brands when you shop in store. Oh and getting a Target DEBIT Red Card is totally worth it, you save 5% on all purchases, it’s not a credit card and there’s not credit check, the money comes out of your bank account.


You should have known this was coming. While I didn’t spend $200 (I sooo wanted to) I grabbed a couple of items i’ve been wanting and got them priced matched. Oh and there’s hella perks when you become a Shopbop rewards member. Like once a month I get mystery money added to my account.

Among the many things I’ve bought from Shopbop recently my favorite thing has been this Corkcicle bottle.

I love this thing, it’s the only bottle that actually has true claims. It stays cold for up to 48 hours and the ice remains well… ice for 24 hours, no lie. It’s completely worth the price.

Streaming Tech

I love my Apple TV, and AT&T is offering FREE Apple 4k TV‘s when you prepay for 4 months of DIRECTV NOW, $140. The Apple TV itself is $179, you do the math.

I ordered an Amazon Fire TV Stick on Friday. Apple and Amazon are still working on their relationship so Amazon Video, free for prime members, isn’t available on Apple TV. Amazon Video has some AMAZING original show, some right up there with Netflix shows. Plus Fire Stick/TV has all the apps Apple TV for less than 25% of the price.


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