The Best Bridal Bouquet Alternative

by Kia C

I was floored when I saw this in my inbox. They are so beautiful and unique, it’s a wonder why nobody has thought of this until now. It’s the best Bridal Bouquet alternative ever.


The Signature Bridal Cuffs by Diann Valentine. She created The Bridal Cuff because she realized that traditional bridal bouquet can take away from the wedding grown. When you think about it, she’s absolutely right. The design is as an accent of flowers adorned with crystal beading, exotic floral, and elaborate details. Not only that but the Bridal Cuff is hands free. Taking the bridal bouquet and giving it a modern twist. The celebs love it.

Evelyn Lozada Photo by Mike Colon

Christine Bentley Photography

“I created the bridal cuff to honor the wedding gown,” shares Valentine. “Many brides spend thousands of dollars on their wedding gown and then hide the most beautiful and intricate details that are often found on the bodice of their dream gown,” she says. “This hands-free floral accessory is an evolution of the bridal bouquet and the perfect accessory for every bride.”



You can shop Diann’s line here.



kellyn Mar 2, 2015 - 4:56 PM

How can i order or where can i get one of these babies!!!


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