“When I have a problem, I just throw glitter at it”

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True story. In 2010 I went to Nordstrom, fell in love with a new makeup collection and dove head first in the beauty world. Within 6 months I created a twitter, somehow ended up with a massive makeup collection and started a blog. I went from a simple girl who just wore eyeliner and lip gloss to a full-blown addict and I loved every second of it. I created this blog for women like me, bargainistas who loves beauty products! In 2014 I changed the name and rebranded to the Beauty in the Geek.





Who is Kia? Well, she’s a whole lot. Starting with the editor-in-chief on this here blog. I’m a Ohio resident in her late 20’s. Five words to describe me? Well…. I’m girly, sarcastic, antevasin, honest, and dramatic. I’m single in the city and a pet parent to Gigi, this beauty Canine American on your right. I have a degree in Psychology and Social Work and currently pursuing a masters in Human Resources. I’m just a plus sized princess taking it one day at a time.





Always remember BeautyInTheGeek.com is all about you, I will always be honest with you and help in every way I can. So if you have any requests, questions, comments, or just want to chit-chat don’t be afraid to Contact Me!

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