The 4-in-1 Clutch We All Need



So I pretty much get Kickstarter campaign emails everyday and while some products are nice or even cool I just prefer not to post them. But this is like the best thing ever and as far as I’m concerned this is something every woman needs.


Part of the reason we wanted to create this product is because we have noticed how hard getting access to your personal items was becoming. We wanted this clutch to be a minimalist product which helped you get rid of the unnecessary items that you lug around all day. How many times have you been fumbling your fingers in between slots to try to show your ID or get access to your most used card? We got you covered with our vertical card slot integration. Simple fixes create better moments.
We incorporated three interior design qualities that help solve current issues. ONE, instead of having horizontal card slots we created vertical slots that are independent from each other so sliding your cards in and out has never been so easy.
TWO, the rectangular cut out allows easy access to your money. This clutch accommodates for all sized currencies. So, if you are in the UK, don’t worry your bills will fit as well!
THIRD, we created an independent section for your cell phone that is customized to fit all smart phones (minus the iphone 6+ and similar sized phones). We eliminated unwanted bulk.


This is the 4-in-1 Articulate Clutch. Articulate created this clutch to provide a product that is highly functional, innovative, versatile and stylish. This comes with all the interchangeable straps shown. I love all of my bags and Lord knows I’ve paid a lot for them but half the time I just stuff my phone and cards in my pocket and go. If you follow me on instagram you know that I bought a Michael Kors wallet last month but had to return it because my iPhone 6 plus couldn’t fit. I’ve been searching for a wristlet wallet for months now and couldn’t find one. So I got super, crazy excited when I saw this. Then I got let down when I saw this doesn’t fit iPhone 6+ and similar sized phones either. I still want it thought because it’s so versatile; I’ll just keep my phone in my bra I guess.



Not only do all the straps comes with it but the feature that I love the most is that it’s RFID Blocking. To make a long story short there are scanners criminals use that will scan all your credit/debit cards when they walk past you. The Articulate Clutch blocks those scans. If you think that’s not important please believe it is, I’ve had my cards scanned TWICE. The first time they stole over $700 and the second time my bank got the heads up early and closed my card. So having that protection is critical for me.


Available in Black, Beige, Blue, Yellow, Red and Aqua Blue. You can preorder one right now for $35 for shipping in December. After that they will be $42.


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